Thursday, 16 June 2011

Know When It's Appropriate To Use A Squeeze Page


There's a lot of debate these days about whether squeeze pages still work for list building.  What is a "squeeze page"? It's simply a page you place in front of the rest of your site that requires visitors to give up their name and email address before they get to see any information. This technique still works like magic -- as long as you
do it carefully, and offer a "bribe" that is truly appealing and valuable to your visitors.
Consider the following...

It is important to build your email list; the more subscribers you have, the more sales you can make. It's a different world today than it was even six months ago: it's just plain harder now to convince skeptical web surfers to give up their email address. Done wrong, a squeeze page can harm your business. Done well, it can grow your profits quickly and easily.

The best place to use a squeeze page is as the "gate" to your salesletter. That means using it on a site that sells only one product, not on a catalog-style site. The list you build from such a squeeze page will be highly targeted. The worst thing you can do it use a squeeze page in front of the wrong kind of site.These include sites that are portals, intended for branding, or blogs. These sites are used for very different reasons than are salesletter sites; so don't put a squeeze page in front of them.

Remember that your squeeze page is a barrier to what is behind it. It keeps people out of your website and it can potentially scare off your customers When you offer the right kind of bribe, however, you can get people to opt in through the squeeze page -- building a valuable, targeted email list. The growing problems of spam, viruses and spyware have made people more reluctant than ever to give up their name and e-mail address. Squeeze pages can definitely build your list fast. These pages are a powerful tool that I recommend
A word of caution: be sure to use them in the appropriate situation.Click Here To Learn More

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